XDI High Pressure Fuel Pump & Injectors | Ford Explorer ST



This GDI high pressure pump was developed to replace the Bosch OEM high pressure pump. It delivers up to 25/45% more fuel flow when mounted on the same CAM-Lobe.
Maximum Fuel Pressure :

250bar / 3600psi (XDI-EVO)
260bar / 3800psi (XDI-HPFP60)
260bar / 3800psi (XDI-Injectors)

The kit comes with everything you need: the HPFP, base plate, hardware and an electric pigtail.

Our Injectors are actual +60% flow over stock Explorer ST Injectors.

Customer-specific fittings and lines on request.

no meth, no PFI, no extra ECUs, no wiring, full control, full OBD Diagnostics.

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