EMS 2015-2023 Mustang Ecoboost EvoBoost Intake Manifold Kit



Awaken the soul of your Mustang with the EMS EvoBoost Intake Manifold Kit, an engineering marvel that propels your 2015-2023 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost to new heights. Designed to harmonize power and style, this kit is more than an upgrade; it’s a symphony of performance and allure.

Picture the road transformed beneath you, powered by the world record-holding, world’s fastest and quickest EcoBoost Mustang that embraces the prowess of this kit. Delve into the technical marvel of increased airflow, a crucial enhancement for your upgraded turbocharger, ensuring a surge of power that resonates at 8k RPM.

Visualize the proprietary EvoBoost Adapter, a testament to engineering precision, perfectly uniting the Magnus intake with your Mustang’s 2.3L engine. Tuned for maximum horsepower at 8k RPM, this isn’t just a connection; it’s a commitment to excellence, amplified with every throttle press.

Choose from striking powder coating options to tailor the kit to your style – a blend of track-tested resilience and show-quality aesthetics. Feel the importance of airflow, not just for performance but as an emotional connection to your Mustang. This is your gateway to an unmatched driving experience.

As you navigate the road, envisage the rush of air, the surge of power, and the indescribable thrill that comes with owning the EMS EvoBoost Intake Manifold Kit. It’s not just about upgrading; it’s about embracing the sheer joy of driving. Elevate your experience – seize the power, feel the emotion, and make this kit the defining chapter in your Mustang’s legacy. Upgrade now and let the road be your canvas of unmatched performance and emotion.

Split Second Controller: Efficient fuel management for optimal performance. FID 1300cc Fuel Injectors: High-capacity injectors for enhanced fuel delivery. Denso O-rings: Ensures secure seals, minimizing leaks. Aeromotive Fittings: Quality fittings for seamless integration. Complete Installation Kit: Includes all necessary lines and fittings for simplified setup.
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