Turbosmart 2015-2023 Ford F-150 2.7L EcoBoost Boost Reference Adapter

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Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adaptors (BRAs) allow access to a reliable boost reference without compromising the operation of the car’s standard sensors and control systems.


This BRA attaches to the PCV barb right behind the throttle body on the intake manifold. It provides a pressure/vacuum source to two ports while still allowing full, uninterrupted operation of the PCV system. The two ports allow users to run various accessories, such as boost gauges and blow off valves, with the responsiveness, versatility and reliability that a traditional vacuum-operated system offers.


Precision-machined out of billet aluminium, Turbosmart’s BRAs ensure an excellent fit, zero leaks and complete compatibility with OEM components.


For improved power, responsiveness, and efficiency from your Ford 2.3/2.7 EcoBoost engine system, choose Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adaptor today. With Turbosmart’s reliable boost reference point, experience a noticeable difference in your vehicle’s performance immediately. Upgrade now and enjoy the benefits of Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adaptor!

product availability low – please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.