cp-e™ ΔCore™ Race V2 Dissipate™ Ford Mustang EcoBoost Black FMIC Front Mount Intercooler



After months of engineering and development, cp-e™ is proud to release the Stage 2 ΔCore EcoBoost FMIC for the Mustang EcoBoost. We took what worked with our initial FMIC and pushed the envelope even further for the most powerful high horsepower builds. With several sponsored EcoBoost Mustangs outrunning V8’s with forced induction at the track, we knew that we needed to step up our cooling for the high power builds.

Due to the massive size, this core requires that the active grille shutters are removed. This is completely reversible and does not require permanent modification to the vehicle.

Mustang EcoBoost Black FMIC Features

  • 21”x17”x3.75” Core Size
  • Low Turbulence End Tank Design
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Maximized Core Design
  • Substantially Lower & More Consistent Charge Temps
  • Bolt-in Design, No Vehicle Modification Needed
  • Fully Cast End-Tanks