How to install Aux Fuel Adapter and Rail on your EcoBoost Mustang or Focus ST/RS?

2) Position aux adapter and intake manifold on cylinder head

3) Install the M8 washers and socket head screws into intake manifold and adapter. Make sure all o-rings are still in position. TQ socket head cap screws to 18 ft-lbs. 

To finish the hardware install, you will need to disconnect the oem fuel line connection at the firewall where the fuel line comes from under the car to the high pressure fuel pump. Note, on a Mustang you will need a 3/8 inch fuel line disconnect tool, and for a Focus you will need a 5/16 inch fuel line disconnect tool. 

6) Using the disconnect tool, pop the line apart and install the fuel line T fitting back onto the line then reconnect the OEM fuel line to the top of the T fitting. Note, be sure to make sure all fitting on the T are tight, including teh 1/8 npt fitting on the back of the T. 


7) Next, connect the provided line to the T fitting and the fuel rail. Make sure all fittings are tight, pressurize system by turning the key on, and check and address and leaks. 

8) Wire up the Split Second Controller (SSC)  using the correct wiring diagram found in the FAQ section of our website. 

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